Value & Service

ZT Learning is a comprehensive learning solution’s provider, which encompasses all aspects of the Life Science industry – from design to delivery and to the maintaining of industry appropriate training material. With over fourteen years of specialist Life Science experience, ZTLearning is widely acknowledged as a creator of innovative and technically advanced training solutions and products, which help Life Science customers to optimize, achieve and exceed their overall business objectives.

ZTLearning possesses a world class team of subject matter experts ranging from educational experts to Life Science professionals. ZTLearning provides a personalized service tailor made for you and strives to ensure that its customer’s interests and success is at the heart of its business focus.

Our training solutions ensure the provision of a compliant learning management system for the Life Science industry. Our learning environment is hosted online, which means that you will require no infrastructure and thus contributing towards the creation of substantial savings. Based on assessment and request, bespoke learning material is produced to address your key concerns. With an extensive training library of material we have a fantastic resources foundation for a technician at any level.

Our highly trained consultants work with you to create a program that ensures the best training for your resources. We work with our clients to ensure that key concerns are addressed and that a program is created and delivered that fulfills business objectives and creates real value within an enterprise. All aspects associated with delivery of the training will be managed by one or more of ZTLearning’s expert training consultants.

Progress on the training will be officially reported on a weekly basis.
The report will detail the planned achievements versus actual achievements during the week. Feedback from the trainees and the client’s supervisors is part of the official delivery process.

Any elements that require modification as a result of this diagnostic assessment are put in place before any further courses are taken. In addition, if individual trainees require dedicated attention for particular topics, time is set aside for one-to-one tuition. With state of the art classroom facilities worldwide, we can provide an environment that is conducive towards learning.

Monthly system checks will ensure that:

  • New user profiles are correctly setup.
  • All user records are being stored correctly.
  • All reporting data is available to supervisors.
  • The control system database is cleaned to ensure simulations run quickly.
  • Server files are managed and kept to a minimum.
  • Full system backups are made.